WaveLab Pro 9.5.35 Update and Marker Problem

We just updated our computers to WaveLab Pro v9.5.35. (build 152) 64 bit. We use Windows 10. BTW, this problem occurs on each of our computers as well as my home computer.

We do a lot of audio archiving, recording large audio files to digital with WaveLab. In doing so we insert markers at key points during the recording. When the recording is complete we go back to insert additional time markers at 5-minute intervals. The problem for us with this update is that when we name and insert a marker, the name is left blank in the Markers window (at the top) and we have to re-enter it. This has never been a problem with this before in 9.5. How can this be corrected?


I can reproduce the problem in one way only. I guess this is what you do:
You enter the name here, then create the marker. I confirm this does not work and needs to be fixed.

However, there are other ways that works:

  1. Click on the button pointed by the green arrow. This opens a convenient window to create markers.
  2. Create the marker from a button or menu, then double-click at the right size of the marker name, to enter its name.

Thanks, Philippe. Very helpful.