Wavelab Pro 9.5.5 compatibility w Big Sur, WLPro upgrade discount length

Been a while since I’ve followed the (now new!) forum. I’ve searched and am not seeing much in the way of ‘unofficial’ guidance on this. If thoughts on either have been asked and answered, please post links. Thanks much.

I have been running macOS 10.15.7 and WL Pro 9.5.5 on a 2018 Mac Mini (Intel). I need to upgrade OS and of course WL. 2 questions:

  1. I am seeing an upgrade fee of $150 USD for WL Pro 11. For you seasoned WL folks on there, any thoughts on if this fee will increase in the future? I will most likely be upgrading, but have to coordinate finances, unfortunately.

To that end…

  1. Can anyone speak to if WLPro 9.5 play well, or run at all, on Big Sur macOS? I searched forum for user experience, but couldn’t find much. I know 9.5 is a ways back, but had my reasons for hanging back on OS as well as WL.


bump - is there even anyone still running WLP 9.5 on mac? :upside_down_face: