Wavelab Pro 9 Windows 10 wont start.


Installed Wavelab 9 Pro on a new AMD Ryzen build (12 core/32gig ram/ Windows 10 Pro) and installation goes smooth but once I click on the desktop icon will not start. No splash screen.

Have current elicense install and attempted repair per other posts I read but will not start under Windows 10.

I placed Wavelab in compatibility mode for Windows 8 and 7 and Wavelab will start correctly. IN this configuration, I get a splash screen message that says there is a problem with the license and need to use LLC to fix it. Once clearing this warning, Wavelab 9 will fully start and I can use the program.

Cubase 9.5 is also installed and does not suffer this problem.

Any info appreciated.

Did you try WaveLab 9.1 ?

You might want to try using “Run as administrator” for both the eLicenser Control Center and Wavelab, if you haven’t already.

Wavelab 9.1 x64 has started crashing clicking on certain features running Windows 10.0.19041 Build 19041. Running diagnostic & tracer gave me nothing. Everything has been removed from PC including appdata and re-installed. Now can’t get past the logo screen.
elisenser up to date. Program compatibility for W7 or W8 and running both elisenser and WL as administrator has no effect. Plugins loaded as normal on installation. Any ideas?

Try erasing this folder:
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9

I get plugins reloading then logo screen hanging. The WL process is running.
I’m able to open Wavelab after replacing the default clean appdata files with appdata files setup from previous working installation. This doesn’t resolve WL suddenly crashing using certain features which I’ve had no problems for years. Been on WL since version 6. Get the feeling this is some sort of file path issue causing the crash, however shouldn’t be getting these problems with clean install. It’s either compatible with Windows 10 or it’s not?

I should add that there’s nothing different installed on my system since WL 9.1 was running correctly but seems to me that WL 9.1 isn’t moving along with Windows 10.

Did you try wavelab 9.5 or 10?

My license is 9. Worked perfectly well on Windows 10 until recently? So 9.1 is documented to work on Windows 10, are you saying I need to pay to upgrade for this to continue working on the same platform?

I should add that there’s nothing different installed on my system since WL 9.1 was running correctly but seems to me that WL 9.1 isn’t moving along with Windows 10.

If WaveLab 9 was working fine for you with a past version of Windows 10, then revert to that past version of Windows 10, and you will have a working solution.

WaveLab 9 is not updated anymore, unlike Windows 10.

This being said, at my place I can run WaveLab 9.1, 9.5 and 10, with an AMD Ryzen, under the latest Windows 10 (vo 2004)

If you can choose to end support at anytime for an operating system you’re boldly documented as supporting then that will be the last time I upgrade.
People are not going to dismiss Windows updates because WL may not continue to work. I don’t believe for one moment you have a clean install of WL 9.1 working successfully on current Windows 10.

You may know this or you don’t, but Microsoft continually updates Windows 10 and is planning to continue doing so - under the same W10 name. In other words, the current W10 may be as different from the first one in 2015 like Windows 95 and Windows 7.

And if you really want support here, it’s best not to call the developer of Wavelab a liar, like you just did…

It’s documented as supported by Windows 10 regardless. If support for a Windows 10 build has ended, then this should be documented otherwise one would assume it’s supported as current build.

https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360007633160-Windows-10-product-compatibility :thinking: