WaveLab Pro and WaveLab Elements 9 trial versions available

Dear forum-members,

we are pleased to announce the availability of the WaveLab Pro 9 and WaveLab Elements 9 Trial versions.
They provide the full WaveLab experience for a period of 30 days.

To download the trials and for more information click here.

All the best,

I’m using the trial now, and today alone wavelab’s crashed more than 5 times. I can’t seem to save custom lists and setting. Is the trial limited in any way?

I would suggest to erase your past settings:
Erase C:\Users[YourName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9

Do you mean delete all the folders (audio, cache, log etc) in C:\Users[YourName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro


Yes, everything

Hey PG,
I’ve deleted all the files and WL9 is running like a fresh install, quick and clean. Thank you.


I cannot to get my trial version started.

Could you please help me?

Thank you.

I’ve just loaded a trial version of Wavelab 9 and I’ve one big problem. I can’t find or use any compressor, limiter or EQ. Shouldn’t them be there somewhere to use? I thought there should be this Masterrig-plugin? I have tried to find them from the Mastersection. Is this trial version still somehow limited?

  • Pekka Vuori

Yes you can find them eg. in the Master Section. See Steinberg submenu when clicking on a slot.

Thanks for your answer! I still have to ask why there’s only six elements in the Steinberg submenu? There’s a picture with this message about that. I also reinstalled the program but it didn’t help.

Not normal. Please click on this button and restart WaveLab:

I did that. It didn’t help. Maybe I have to uninstall first the whole software and then re-load it?

Ok, I just did that. I loaded the software again and I did just what you told me to and now there’s all the plug-ins there!
Thank you very lot!

I’m not sure I need Wavelab Elements or Pro: is it possible to install the trial versions of both at the same time, so I’ll be able to compare them? In that case, any advice I need to know?



I rather think you can. Just try. This is safe.


Well it says : Now you can try WaveLab Elements 9 for 30 days without any limitations! No registration is required. Just download, install and enter the world of WaveLab. And the trial version runs without a USB-eLicenser.

I downloaded and installed WaveLab Elements 9 Mac version.

However, I do have a USB-eLicenser for my many other Mac Steinberg products

and when i launch WaveLab Elements 9 it also launches my USB-eLicenser. Since i have no temporary activation numbers WaveLab Elements 9 simply quits.

Urgently required help please.