WaveLab Pro Workflows with Justin Perkins #9 | What's New In WaveLab 11

Here is the livestream link for Sept 15th.

I’ll be giving a tour of WaveLab 11 and showing some of my favorite new features, and explaining a few minor changes to my settings & preferences compared to WaveLab 10.

As always, there will be a Q & A at the end. See you next week:


I’m new to Wave Lab. I’ve been mastering with SADiE for over 20 years. You talk about your analog chain, but I haven’t found a tutorial on how to set that up. I just want to playback from Wave Lab through my analog chain and record back to Wave Lab and use that as my master.
Erik Wolf

Hi Erik,

I talked about it briefly in the live video today but not too much has changed since WaveLab 10 in this area, so this video is still pretty helpful:

There is an external FX plugin but I don’t prefer that method. I like to put the unmastered files on a Reference Track, send that reference track to all my D/A options, and then record back on to a new Audio Montage track.

From there, I trim things, arrange, add markers, and render the final files.

Great videos! Thanks :pray: