WaveLab Pro Workflows with Justin Perkins | Intro to WaveLab for New Users

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ha…as Justin notes…I’m one of those example people who don’t master at all but do use Wavelab 12 for editing. I farm all my mastering out to various me guys here in town.

Personally, I think Wavelab corners itself in pr by focusing on the word “mastering” and not equally hyping that it’s a fantastic audio editing program.

I envision that a percentage of biz is lost to Sound Forge Pro on this omitted phrase alone.

SF makes a big deal of stating it’s an audio editor as first words in pr hype…not that I consider sf on par with wl…but perception can be everything when you’re looking for a specific type of program.

At any rate, I’ve been on Wavelab for a few years…still occasionally fire up sf16pro out of habit for quick edits outside Cubendo (and to respeed stuff with their incarnation of elastique 3).

Wavelab 12 for sure looks a million percent better than SF when I’m working with WL.

I just have to get more fluent with it. Videos are good…however, as I say…if I see a Wavelab video with the topic of mastering…I don’t even watch it :slight_smile:

Although, I am watching all of the above Justin video at the moment :slight_smile:

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