Wavelab Projects Workflow

heard in a video somewhere that the project handling is new in Wavelab 12 and wondering a little bit.
I used it in Wavelab 11 but it does not work as i would manage files.
So…in Wavelab 12 something changed, and for the good, but a little bit for the ugly.

In short:

  • It would be great if it possible to open different projects in different tabs (perhaps with same sources)
  • It should be nice if the arrangement of the different Montages would be saved and on top of that the last zoom views
  • it would be great to save a project that I’m, working on. It is very confusing that there is no way to do that. The only way that I found is to close the current project
  • to make it clear let the tab name as the name of the project (no possibility to rename the tab, cause the project is named as is is)
  • the posibility to backup projects would be also great. I know it could be very hard, becauseWL must look up deep, but maybe not so much to do

I use the project tab (or where ever the project are contained in) to combine different montages. If i open the projekt i have access to the montages that I’m working on, for a specific project. A little bit my wavelab Matrjoschka. I think many people use it that way or should use is that way.

yeah, i know, my english is not the best. If you have questions feel free to ask. And by the way…nice job on WL12, no crash or something stupid until now

This won’t happen. Else that would make things more confusing. The current concept is that a single montage can be opened at a time, and file organized though file groups and file tabs.

What do you mean? Currently, the montage zoom settings are saved when you close the montage, and the file tab organization is saved as part of the project.

What do you mean, there is:

Are you really speaking of WaveLab 12? Because there is full backup support:



I’ve searched for save and backup under the normal file menu. Haven’t found it until then. Ok, thats great and will make my live easyier. Thank you very much.

Tryed again the thing with the zoom setting and this also works like a charm. Maybe I done yesterday something stupid…sorry for that.

Only thing left is the multi-project thing but I will handle it, if i know that it will not come.

The Project many can be found in two places:


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Thank you very much. I’ve searched it under “Save As” and haven’t seen the Project line under it. That’s great.