Wavelab puts no 10 before no 2 on track import


I have 10+ audio files which I am importing into an Audio montage. They are numbered 1 -10 - not my doing - that just the way somebody named them. When they are imported into Wavelab they are lined up no 1, no 10, no 2, no 3 etc.

I cannot believe that in 2020 computer software still thinks no 10 comes before no 2 and not after no 9 so it must me me who is missing something.

Any help with this would be great - I have over 50 different CDs to do this with and a lot of them have more than 9 tracks.

Thank you in advance!

Are they
1, 10, 2, 3 etc.

I think you can change how to import numbers in the cd dialog
right click on cd track or check in the menu

if you choose 01, 02, 03, etc
then it should work !

regards S-EH

It sounds like somebody else did the actual CD import using single digit numbering for 1-9 (an amateur move) and the OP just has the WAV files to work from.

There could be WaveLab trick but if it were me and I needed a solution today, I’d simply use a tool such as A Better Finder Rename to add that missing 0 to the actual file names. It would take less than a minute.


Batch Renaming should work too !?
File > Tools > Batch Renaming
check manual from Steinberg site how to use “Batch Renaming”


regards S-EH

Thank you all for responding. Much appreciated. I’ll try these ideas out.

A Better Finder Rename is a great app. Thanks for the tip. Works perfectly and solves the issue completely.

No problem. I wasn’t sure if you were on Mac or Windows but I was sure there is probably a Windows equivalent. I don’t use the app daily but when it’s needed, it’s a BIG help.