WaveLab Real Time Rendering When External Effect Used ANYWHERE

I’m wondering if anyone else is running into this issue that started a few months ago (after a Wavelab 11 update but is still happening with Wavelab 12).

It took me a while to figure out what the issue was but it appears that Wavelab is forced to render in real time if an external effect is used anywhere in a montage. Previously I could have an external effect on one clip, that clip would render in real time, then other clips without the external effect would render offline. Now I can have an external effect on any clip in a montage and all of the clips will be forced to render in real time, even the ones without external effects. Anyone else notice this?

This has always been so. As far as any External Effect is used (hence any real-time effect is used), this is a constraint for the whole plugin chain to render in real-time.

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I can confirm that this Non-selective Rendering is the case now (WL 12.0.20), but I can’t remember it being any different in the past… (was it really selective once?)

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