Wavelab Recording Menu

Where does Wavelab store the data which is pre filled on this menu such as the name and location fields.

Just recently every time I open this dialog the name and location show a file and location I used several projects back and Im sure it always used to show the last opened project details.

Only been happening since I updated to Sonoma (Currently on 14.1.2).

Could it be any thing to do with preference settings?

Any advice appreciated.


Erase this file:
Steinberg/WaveLab Pro 11/Cache/lru.txt

and if this is not enough, this folder:
Steinberg/WaveLab Pro 11/Cache/Window Config/

and if this is not enough, this file:
Steinberg/WaveLab Pro 11/Preferences/General.dat

Thanks for info Phillipe

I’m sorting a family funeral at the moment and will check this all out and confirm findings in due course.

Thanks again