Wavelab refund

Hi there guys. Hope everyhting is going well.

Wavelab is not really working with me and would like to do a refund but it has been impossible to reach customer support or assitance. I’m from Guatemala.

Does anyone know how can I do a refund and return my Wavelba 11 Elements licenese.

Thank you in advance!

To the best of my knowledge WL is not refundable…

There is/was a trial available which is useful in these situations.

I’ve never seen a software company offer refunds. That’s one of the reasons I suggest people try demos before purchasing software. Maybe there’s a way to sell your license to another interested party? I don’t know. I’m thinking with eLicenser probably not.

WL Elements uses Soft-eLicenser… a transfer should be possible…

Did you bought it in a shop?