Wavelab refusing to save renders

I have a feeling I’m missing something glaringly obvious because I’ve been using Wavelab for about a year and this has never happened to me before.

I press render. It renders the montage (talking as long as it usually takes with the progress bar) but no files appear in the selected directory. In the screenshot the correct directory is selected. Yet no “Test” folder gets created and no files get saved. If I select an existing folder it still doesn’t save any files despite a lenghty render process.

Thanks for any help.

The first odd thing to me is, that your output path uses slashes (/) instead of blackslashes (\), although slashes seem to work fine, too.
Assuming this is on Windows, does the path start with a drive letter? Usually it would be like “C:\Users\Username\Folder” (although I don’t know about any possible differences when working within a network, if that is possible anyway).

Can you sucessfully render to any different Format from the standard Factory Presets, like “Wav 16bit” or “Mp3 FH 320k cbr hq”?

To pinpoint the problem, simplify things step by step (wav instead of mp3, no naming scheme, other simpler montage, etc.). And also restart WaveLab, and why not your Mac.

This is normal on the Mac.
While on Windows you can use both \ and /
on the Mac you can only use /

Interesting, thanks for this info! So I guess OP is on Mac.

Thank for your replies. It’s not a problem with the slashes. Further tests are now pointing to a possible OS problem with files inadvertently being made invisible. I don’t think it’s a problem with Wavelab.

My Observations

Ive had some intermittent issues in rendering since being on Mac OSX 14.1.2 Sonoma. Haven’t nailed it yet but had a few issues on Sonoma where the system seems very slow as if it’s struggling with background task priorities. I used to be able to let Wavelab render whilst still playing a file but that seemed to freeze rendering un Sonoma intermittently. Had to Force quit Wavelab to get back to working. It happened with both Wav and MP3 renders. If I just render on its own in the foreground problems do not seem to occur. I just feel its Sonoma task interupts. So searching Sonoma discussions at the moment.


This is a total shot in the dark, but one possibility is that the marker names are such that the files being generated are either invisible in OSX (for example, if they start with a “.”) or if they contain other special characters like the pipe symbol “|” or perhaps a colon. On Windows, it is (or was) possible to create NTFS alternate streams and other problematic files that way. (PG may have changed this by disallowing special characters in marker names.)

take the . out of the folder name, and it should do it :+1:, also double check WL has disk access in privacy to the drive/folders you are wanting to use, and also you have the front/split/end cd markers in place (I would assume you’ve done that last one though)