Wavelab rendering takes too much time

i have an issue with wavelab 11 pro but also with the version 10
when i export audio file wavelab rendering takes about 2-3 hours, too much for an a itb song mastering.
sometimes it works out actually, is it possibly the plug in I am using?
there are plugin that doesn’t work well on wavelab?
i use Plugin Alliance, Slate digital, fabfilter, oeksound, acustica audio, izotope and other stuff.
When mastering is on nuendo i have no problem,
but… i’m a little bit confused because i want to use wavelab not only for metadata.
there’s someone that can help me?
i use wavelab on pc win 10 pro,
i9x-series, 128gb ram,
1 nvme 2tb, 2 ssd 2tb
1 ssd 4tb, 1 hd 3tb

If you use the exact same plugin chains on WaveLab and Nuendo, there should be no difference.
The CPU is consumed by the plugins, not by WaveLab.

How long is the audio file you are rendering? What sample rate are you working at? Which plugins if any have oversampling turned on?

Acustica and iZotope are pretty CPU heavy and UAD plugins also slowdown offline renders in my experience.

I know, but I remember for example that long ago between audio acoustics and cubase / nuendo there were problems, I would not like there to be similar problems, the export difference between nuendo and wavelab and 3min to 3 hours, a little too much

in the last case it was 8 min at 48.2

wavelab 3h to export it and with some distortions while on nuendo 5/6 min and correct

Make sure both applications use the same processing resolution (32 bit vs 64 bit float).

Anyway, this type of issue can’t be inspected from my place.
You have to start without plugins, then add each plugin one by one, to know when the problem happens.

But anyway I did the following test today, using the latest Nuendo.
Import a 60 min 24 bit 44.1K Stereo file (it’s alsmot 1 GB big), and render it to the same resolution (read/write with a NVMe SSD)

  • Nuendo takes 26 seconds.
  • WaveLab 11.0.10 just one second (!)

Hence WaveLab is 26 times faster! (actually, I don’t understand why Nuendo was so slow actually, maybe I did something wrong? Someone else should try the same, even with Cubase).

yes i also tried to do some tests in the short term,
i did 3 mastering chains, 1 with steinberg plugin, 1 with slate, 1 with acustica audio,
exported everything and in a short time, i just can’t understand, as soon as i it happens again I will post photos and videos of the problem, it is very strange,
and it only happens if I have been working on it for at least 30min

If you are rendering from a montage, try copying the one clip and paste it into an otherwise empty montage, and render from there. My experience is that Wavelab tries to pre-load and process the entire montage, whereas the segment of interest may only be one song’s length. Dropping the isolated song into a montage avoids the process of pre-loading all of the audio that is not of interest.