Wavelab starting time

I got Wavelab Elements 1 month ago because I want to use it to fast adjust some things like key of a song or just to have a look at how the wave looks. I usually the mastering inside of Cubase.

Today I’ve opened Wavelab for the second time and started to scan all the plugins that I’ve updated in one month and after 15 seconds of waiting I’ve forced closing the app and opened a YouTube video.

Is there any way to skip those scans, I just one to click and have something open like any other app. thank you, I am on Mac Monterey

The main plugin scan should only have to happen one time. After that, only new and updated plugins are scanned which takes less time.

When no new plugins need to be scanned, WaveLab Pro and Elements launch for me in less than 4 seconds.

That being said, I think it would be good for WaveLab to have a way to “Abort” a plugin scan because in some cases, it can be a very slow and lengthy process. I’ve seen this in other DAWs.


15 s to slow ?
I think you can use ctrl, alt or cmd key to bypass scan of plugins
PG or someone else will tell which one it is :slight_smile:
regards S-EH

I will try that m! Many thanks

Have you updated or added any plugins during the month, if so WL will scan them when it opens the next time after the updates or if you added plugins. It is just the way WL works. FWIW

I update my plugins everyday since I own around 200 and all of them are releasing constant updates.

Then that is probably your problem…

Yeah, I should stay on windows xp and use old plugins.

Well every time you update a plugin then WL has to scan ALL your plugins sooooooo if you have 200 plug ins and you update them frequently then it is not WL fault at all it is just doing what it was designed to do. Most of my plugins get update maybe one or at most two times a year. What plugins are you using that you have to constantly update them??? Inquiring minds want to know…

Not exactly true. WaveLab seems to know which ones are new and which ones are not. I have a lot of plugins and beta test for a number of companies but I don’t feel the need to install new versions every single day.

If I update my Goodhertz plugins, those are the only ones I see in the scan and it’s a much shorter process than if I force a rescan of all plugins.

I agree that the plugin scan in WaveLab can be slow and an “Abort Scan” like Logic has would be nice, but I don’t see the need to install new versions every single day. Only when each plugin is updated which is maybe a few per week at most.

For example today I updated 2 from d16 (devastor and frontier), yesterday I god 1 from slate digital and 2 days before something from eventide. If I open wave lab once a month will take a while to scan. I will have a look into the settings to see if is anyway to bypass Al my external plugins.

Only the plugins that have a new date/time are (re)scanned. If WaveLab does not do that, then some plugin could be missing (one file could contain several plugins, hence maybe a plugin was added since last time, or a new feature has been added, that WaveLab needs to know).