Wavelab - Take Lane import causes auto fades 11.0.30

Not sure if this is a bug, or I have the wrong settings.

But when I import a bunch of files for a stem master, the software auto fades everything randomly.

Is this a bug? What did I do wrong?! Thanks all.

See video.

You might have to show us some of your settings or dig around but I’m not seeing this behavior. I don’t do stem mastering but I do have a library music client where I master similar versions of the same song and I put them on their own track and mute everything but the main version.

I don’t get any fades added:

I also tried with lanes vs. tracks and same deal, no fades are added:

Are you using WaveLab 11.0.30?

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 3.39.19 PM


I don’t usually do stem mastering, but I very recently had to do something similar for a label client with a number of tracks and, on a Windows 10 system, did not see that behavior … that is, no fades were added to any of the tracks.


Just guessing here…
Can this some Preferences settings or maybe a Template
that need to be reset ?
Why because I can’t trigger this here with Os X Big Sur and WL 11.0.30

regards S-EH