Wavelab vs Spectral Layers

I see Wavelab PRo 10 is on sale for about $200 USD.
Anyone have any thoughts about Spectral Layers elements ($70) vs Wavelab Pro?
I don’t know either product very well but it seems that the spectral tools in WL are about the same as Spectral Tools itself.

I’m thinking WL Pro for $200 is about the same as Spectral Tools Elements + all the WL features.

P.S. I have Cubase Pro 10.5 so i already have most of the plugins that come with WL.


WaveLab and Spectral Layers are really apples and oranges. They have some similar features but I could not master a record in Spectral Layers. Nor could I really master a record in Cubase.

I wrote this article before WaveLab 10 came out but here is why a mastering DAW is important to me. It’s not about the plugins that it comes with, it’s about the workflow and features and for mastering EPs and albums in particular with accuracy and efficiency, you can’t beat WaveLab Pro.


I mention REAPER in the article which can be substituted with any multitrack DAW, but with the improvements done in WaveLab 10, it could all be done in one DAW now including the analog processing.

As Justin has said, it’s more about your workflow and how you use the features in the context of how you work.

For example, I have RX 7 Advanced (iZotope) and I know many users employ this as an external editor as an adjunct to WL. But for me, But I actually prefer the WL built in Spectrogram Editor: I took the time to get to know it and to make a couple of presets. I especially like that you can run it Middle Side. All the plugins that you are using remain in place and … well … it’ just represents a seamless, super efficient workflow for my particular preferences.

I would give the WL built in a decent spin before going third party. That said, if you are editing heaps of location dialogue or doing post, Soectral Layers or RX Advanced would arguably be ‘indispensable’.

Hope this helps.