Wavelab WAV-file is not streamed by DLNA-Client

Dear Forum,
I noticed that audio files written by Wavelab (the recent 11.2 Elements) are not streamed by my Philips Streamium SL400i DLNA-Client. It tries to play them, but soon jumps to the next file. On the other hand, on all other devices and players (in PC and smartphone) they run. But if I open and write the file with e.g. Audacity, then the file runs again in the Philips. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is and especially how I can solve the problem without always rewriting the file with another application ? Thanks in advance for tips to seize the solution :slight_smile:


What format and resolution?
Aka "wav, mp3 and 16 bit or 24 bit e.t.c

regards S-EH

Sorry, I forgot: 16/48k. Displays up as Signed 16 bit.
The header reads like
RIFF˜ßÎWAVEJUNK fmt » î data
whereas Audacity has
RIFF¶âWAVEfmt » î data

Over and out to PG :wink:

regards S-EH

Sorry, no idea what that means…

Sorry it means that “PG” Philippe Goutier programmer and developer
of WaveLab, have to answer this question or someone with knowledge
of this with Wav format in general, I don’t know this…

regards S-EH

Maybe this device is not compatible with RF64 (which is, however, very common today).
Uncheck the following option and save the file again.

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