WaveLab + Waves preset issue - Name chages to Full Reset


I just experienced some strange behaviour of Waves presets in Wavelab – preset name changes to “Full Reset” when I click on other slot in Inspector.

How to recreate:

  • Open/Create AM with at least one Waves plugins in Inspector (Clip or Track)
  • Open Waves Plugin
  • Select/Save preset in WL Plugin Manager
  • Save also preset as Waves preset with same name in Waves Plugin Manager
    – Preset is now displayed in Inspector slot, WL and Waves Manager with same name

  • Now Click on other slot/plugin in Inspector and then go back to Waves plugin
    – Name of Waves plugin in Inspector and WL preset manager has changed to “Full Reset”
    – Only Waves Preset manager shows correct name of preset

Is this something that can be fixed, or is it due to differences between WL and Waves preset management?


I don’t have Waves plugins hence I can’t test. But I guess Waves has a separate preset management from the VST3 standard, even if it supports both. Hence stick to just one standard. eg. use the factory presets from Waves, but only save custom presets as vst3 presets.


Sorry for late reply…

It is when I am using Wavelab for managing custom/user . vst3 presets that the name is changed to “Reset” in the WL plugin manager.
So for some reason WL cannot keep the name of the selected user preset for the Waves plugin even when using WL for saving and selecting a .vst3 preset…

  • When selecting for example a Plugin Alliance plugin and and a User preset, the selected preset name is unchanged in WL name field after selecting another slot/plugin.
  • But when selecting a user preset for a Waves plugin in the same way (using WL preset manager), the name field in WL is changed to “Reset” as soon as I select another slot/plugin.

So why cannot WL keep the correct name of the save preset?
Do you mean that this has something to do with how Waves have implemented support for .vst3 presets, although I am using WL for managing the user presets?