Wavelab will not play my 8khz files

I recently replaced my interface with a UR28M, and now when I try to play 8khz files, it gives me the error in the image attached.
But I know it’s not an interface problem since I can play the files with Windows Media player through the card.
What’s up with that?

This is most likely because WL does not automatically resample to a SR that your audio card can handle, and Windows Media player does. So if you put a resampler in the WL Playback Section, set it to 44k1 or 48k, you should be okay.

OK cool that works, thanks.
Tell me though: why didn’t I need this before. I believe I used to use the WDM driver.

I’m not sure, but I would guess the WDM driver does this resampling (and maybe not Windows Media player itself).

Yes, WDM sorted it for you. But while that was convenient, it did fall foul of the concept of no processing happening without you specifying it.