Wavelab won't play

Due to a serious security warning for Macs so I had to do an OS security update. This meant reinstalling my RME driver. Having done this Wavelab 11 will not play back. If I switch Wavelab to system audio it plays back fine, but not when it’s set to my RME interface. The sample rates of the project and the RME are matched. Cubase 12 plays back fine using the RME. Any ideas what could be going wrong? Thanks for any help.

M1 running Ventura OS

Try to erase this file:
In the preference folder
\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Presets\Audio Connections
erase the file .__last__

and red your audio connection settings in WaveLab.

Thanks. Where do I find this preference folder? There isn’t a Steinberg folder in my user/library/preferences.

/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/

Thanks. There wasn’t a .last file in there but there was an file called “RME ITB.dat” which I trashed. However when I opened wavelab all my previous RME settings were still in place in the preferences within wavelab and it still doesn’t play back.

I also forgot to mention that when I quit Wavelab it crashes, both before and after removing the file above.

Try again, this time erasing the whole folder “Audio Connections”

That gave me the same result. RME settings were still in place in the preferences within wavelab and it still doesn’t play back.

When WaveLab does not find any past settings, it creates new ones. Therefore this could be normal.

What is happening exactly, when you start playing?

Possible you have Cubase and WaveLab running at the same time?
then perhaps try set “Cubase or WaveLab run in the background”
check setting in Audio Devices
File>Preferences>Audio Connections>Options

regards S-EH

Thank but no I don’t have Cubase running.

When I hit space bar the vertical song position line does not move and nothing plays back. I can move the line manually by clicking in the montage, but it wont move when I hit space bar. If I select the mac’s internal audio in prefs instead of the RME, it plays back as expected and the timeline moves as normal. But not if the RME is selected.

I don’t have an explanation because Cubase and WaveLab use the same audio driver wrapper.
I would therefore recommend erasing the full folder of preferences (/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/)

And restart the computer.

If you have important presets, you can still backup/restore the subfolder ‘Presets’, but only once you have restarted/play WaveLab successfully once.

What RME interface, possible you have “Auto sync” activated
in RME settings controll panel?

regards S-EH

There isn’t an option for that in the settings for the RME have (Fireface UFXII)

I trashed the whole user/library/preferences/wavelab 11 folder. Emptied the trash and restarted. Opened Wavelab, It rescanned my plugins. Opened a montage, but same problem. Checked that it was seeing the RME (it was). Press the play button and nothing happens. The timeline does not move.

Cubase, Logic and Protools are all working fine.

I assume you are using the latest WaveLab version (11.2).

If you play a simple wave file, without any plugin in the Master Section, same problem?

Check the RME control panel. I can imagine the problem is a setting there.

Updating Wavelab fix it!

Thanks for your help!

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Since my prefs are reset I’m back to the default behaviour of only one clip plugin window showing at a time. Can you remind me how to allow multiple clip plugin windows to remain open, I can’t find it in the prefs. Thanks.