Is it possible to run Wavelab as an insert on the stereo out channel ?
I see all the mastering plug ins but there’s not a specific mastering suite.
I’d like to master on the export.

FYI Wavelab is not a plugin.

As Stingray said it’s far from a plugin.

Your options are

  1. With Cubase open, use the Edit In Wavelab feature.
  2. With Cubase open, once you choose Export Audio Mixdown, select the Wavelab option in the post process area. That will automaticly open Wavelab where you can do your “master.”

Also keep in mind you can “master” in practically anything. Every DAW developer adds their template and “mastering” tools, however IMO it’s sort of a marketing gimmick. For mastering you are going to need 3rd party plugs, maybe some outboard, and Wavelab can certainly help with a lot of things not found in any DAW.

Thanks Guys
I’ve bought Wavelab Elements and am trying things out.
It seems good and i may buy the Wavelab pro.