WaveLab10 Audio Drivers (Connections)

Hi, we recently upgraded form Wavelab 8 to 10 (on Windows 10 machine). And on new installation i have problem with audio playback. We are using Wavelab without any interface and i found that many people use Asio4all but it’s very unstable for me. Could anyone can anyone propose other audio driver to install ?

What kind of problem?

If you select the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (Preferences, Audio Connections, Options tab) open the Control Panel, check “User definable” under “Audio buffer size”, move the slider from “small” to “large” and click OK. Does that help?

Hi, I have a problem with getting any sound. I’m changing settings in asio4all and in one device setting i hear noise one I change it again it plays. I don’t see any logic to that. Sometimes i need to restart computer. I don’t have some setting which version of asio u are using ? My settings: