Wavelab6 problem with 'invert phase'


I work with a lot of old recordings. A few of them happen to be unphased and until now I have used the option ‘Invert phase’ with no problem at all. It worked well and you could hear how the quality had really improved.

But since recently, when I deal with unphased recordings it is like nothing is changing after nevertheless following exactly the same process?!

Could someone tell me what could have happened, please?

Thanks a lot

You can see if invert phase is working by zooming into the waveform and toggling the invert phase. It should flip vertically. I doubt that it’s just stopped working. Your experience with it in the past might have had more to do with a particular recording and how it’s playing through your system. AFAIK there’s no way to know which phase is “right” unless you have the original recording from which your vinyl, file, or analog copy was made.

Having said that, ability to hear inverted phase is controversial, so it might be worth running blind tests on different systems and speakers/headphones.