Wavelab7 and Mac's new Lion Release

Is there any news as to whether Wavelab 7 will run under Lion which is due out imminently?

So far, some quick tests have revealed no problem.

Thank you PG

Will there be more detailed testing. Wavelab 7 is pretty much how I earn my money. It would be a significant problem to me if it didn’t function.

As soon as the official version is released, some more tests will be done.

I’d worry more about 10.6.8 at this stage - installing that update was a disaster, as it introduces a random lost-audio bug related to stereo v multichannel configurations, and removing it is non-trivial and potentially as problematic as the status quo. Nightmare!

For anyone considering that update with a multichannel interface, I’d hold off a bit!

I seem to never learn, or at least forget too easily. When I’m thinking right, I wait at least 2-3 months after major updates to update my system. Every couple years I get brave and update after a week of no bad reports. Every couple years a bug is revealed on every forum 2 days after I self-inflicted it on my system. Per Murphy, the updates I wait around to install in between areusually the ones that work great out of the box, leading me to forget the drama. :wink: