Wavelab8 Recording Input Volume Control

I am trying to record from an external SPDIF into Wavelab8, however the inbound signal from the DAT tape machine is very hot and I need to control that signal, but I cannot locate the inbound volume control at all in the recording interface in Wavelab8. This softeare (Wavelab8) is billed as a professional tool so I have no doubt that there is volume control for inbound audio recording. Can someone please tell me where it is located?

From the Record dialog, you can’t do this, on purpose. The idea is to grab the audio without any processing. Since you can never clip when you record, this is not a limitation, you can adjust the level afterwards.

Now, there is an alternative: use the “Audio Input” plugin in the Master Section. Then you can use any plugin while recording through the Master Section, including the master faders.

Thank you so much for that information. I have only had this for a few days and was scrambling to get going. You are absolutely correct. I did not have the correct inputs setup in the “VST Audio” section, and it turns out that I do not need to even an the Audio input plugin from the AISO section, because as you stated there is no “bleeding” when you record.

Thanks a million for you expedient reply.