wavelab8 request(s)

Undo function for saving a mastersection preset or something like an AB.
Render WITH playback of sound when using external gear (should have been in wl6 already…)

I would love to see the ability for Wavelab to take the CD-Text info and embed it to rendered WAVs and mp3s as meta data when rendering files from the montage. Artist, album, song name and track number ( IE: 1 of 12 )

I’m doing less and less CD masters these days and mostly digital masters for hosting online and then 24-bit vinyl masters.

Along the same lines, I think there needs to be a way for Wavelab to add the track ID number to the start of the rendered file name so that when you render a generic folder of WAV or mp3 files, the files appear in the correct order. I know this can sort of be done with an extra step currently, but it’s still very confusing and weird to me so I do it manually for nearly every project still.

The bug where the CD-report is unavailable sometimes until you load a new session and then go back to the one you were working on needs to be fixed ASAP.

I think this has been addressed, but the fact that WAV lab shows you every rendered file when it’s done drives me nuts. I typically render a montage and then do other light tasks and it always goes back to Wavelab file view when a file is done which makes getting anything else done very annoying. Telling it to open files in a montage doesn’t always work for the workflow I’m doing because sometimes I’m rendering one file at a time from the same montage and muting all other tracks since I’m sometimes mastering 6 versions of the same piece rather than a normal audio CD.

If there is any way to speed up the rendering that would be great. I think Wavelab only uses one processor core to render the montage. With the needed plugin power always going up, it’s taking a REALLY long time to render a normal album when I have a UAD plugin and Ozone 5 on the master fader. This is using a pretty new Mac Pro tower so it should be able to do it faster if it would be able to use more than one processor.

It would be nice if when you group track or regions, everything is mirrored including fade-ins.

I don’t think this will ever happen, but I still think that having the master section automatically tied to the montage makes the most sense like most DAW’s. I’ve gotten in the habit of always loading the correct master section, but when you’re trying to do quick work with many montages in a day,
it can be easy to forgot to load the proper master section. Would it be possible to have an option of how you want Wavelab to work? As is, and then a new way where the master section is always loaded with the montage?


A monitoring section “A la Nuendo”…

Sound Restor

I am using a small chain of effects (including Toneboosters Isone and an EQ) on my Cubase / Nuendo monitoring section. It would be nice to have that option within Wavelab as well.

Hi, Folks!

Whilst on the subject of WL8 requests: I was heartened to see the Expander plug-in in WL7, and as I spend some time restoring older compressed recordings, it would also be nice to add a “Peak-Unlimiter” which could be used to help restore dynamics to heavily compressed or “air check” recordings.

What would also be “cool” would be to incorporate presets which emulate both creating and undoing such “old warriors” as Volumax and Levelmax compressors, and other such “relics” of analog broadcasting and recording, like Pultec’s, dBx, Dolby A & B, etc. The only “rub” is that there might well still be legal restrictions or proprietary protections on these hardware items “functionalities” that would restrict implementations into the software plug-in realm without expensive royalties. [Akin to the recent release of Lexicon’s Native Reverb plug-in algorithm bundles!]

As I’m “blue-sky” thinking, including some of the older pre-RIAA or RIAA “modifiable” EQ’s might be helpful for those ancient 78 rpm, Columbia LP’s, and EU HMV recordings that used their own disc equalizations prior to the standardizations applied for black disks and tapes (e.g., AME, CCIR, etc., pre-NAB standards). Allthough admitedly, this is a pretty tall order to ask, and would require some research into exactly how some of these very old record-playback EQ’s were implemented.

Just thinking out loud here! :bulb:

Batch Error Analysis. I beg you.

I think someone else mentioned it before but realtime rendering/monitoring. Specifically the monitoring of the external plug in.

Add ability to Select a Group or Select All Clips and be able to change the visible Pan or Volume envelope, all at once.
Right now it is very much broken and the only for sure way to change visibility is ‘one clip at a time’

This lack of ability has become a nightmare to accomplish easy panning while working on multi-track mixes with many clips on each track.

Render WITH playback of sound when using external gear (should have been in wl6 already…)

I’m using W7 and do hear the playback while rendering my external processing chain. Must be a configuration issue.

well… then you must have found a hidden feature because this is not possible without re-recording what is played back. That is the only way to listen to what is rendered.

  1. I see when I enable the “audio input” plugin, I can monitor through Wavelab in realtime by using the “Play” button… however, I cannot bypass the plugin? I want to bypass it so I can listen to an audio file as a reference. Then I could re-enable the plugin, to go back to what I am working on in real-time.

  2. Is there a way to have an audio file looped that is constantly playing in Wavelab? - and then I can enable/disable the audio input button to go back and forth between the audio I am working on, and my reference audio that is continuously looping?



And a stereo analysis tool.

“Hidden” is relative to the operator as is “not possible.” I kindly invite you to spend more time troubleshooting the configuration of the ASIO external gear plug-in in connection with audio streaming settings (playback, recording, ASIO plug-ins). Setting it all up is indeed a perplexing endeavor (this section of Wavelab needs basic re-thinking in the direction of intuitiveness and simplification, Cubase is more advanced and more streamlined in this respect).


Please tell “How you setup routing and configure with External gear”
and don’t forget tell what Audio Device and Mixer hard/soft, external gear,
digital or analog gear etc with WL7

simply why is, because some here saying it doesn’t work at all
and here I read it works !?

confusing !

regards S-EH

I’m sorry, I’m away from my studio, and thus cannot report my settings with proper exactitude (I literally set & forget).

But think it this way: if W7 can render an external processing chain (using the external gear plug-in), then it must be able to output (playback) a signal in real time. From here, it’s a simple question at what point you create a copy of the signal for your monitoring purposes. I monitor either past analog chain before the AD converter (via an analog router), or past the AD converter before W7 (routing a copy of the converted digital signal via the RME Total Mix back to the DA converter).

Now what I do not do and thus cannot confirm or deny is whether it is possible to monitor the returning signal past the inputs of W7.

…option to save the mastersection with the audiomontage… :mrgreen:
Please, please, please make it possible to have the possibility to connect these two steps…

Thanks. max.

This was already possible in Wavelab 6…

This is already possible:
Options > Audio Montage preferences > Active Audio Montage > Auto Save Master Section preset.

I am yet to find a way how to use a mono plug-in (e.g., EQ, comp, reverb, etc.) on a single channel of a stereo track, say, for sum & difference processing to address just the sum or just the difference part of the signal. It could be a special routing plug-in, it could be a channel routing matrix built into each track. At preset, I must resort to Cubase 6 when I want to do just that, and I’d rather stay in Wavelab.

Hi …

I would like to see a simple batch stereo interleaver. One where you can drag a few mono files (that are designated ‘L’ and ‘R’) which are then converted to stereo files to be saved in a specific location … no change to sample rate or bit depth.

A lot of my clients send me separate mono files exported from ProTools and at present I use an external interleaver utility to ‘make’ these stereo for ease of management.

Of course, it may already be in WL and I have just missed it.