Wavelab's Crystal 44.1 kHz?

I just installed Wavelab Elements 8 trial and started checking out the features including the highly praised Crystal resampler. A strange thing is that 44.1 kHz option appears 7 times in the drop-down menu. Is this a bug or there is some reason behind this?

Another problem (and this seems to be an actual bug) is that I cannot select any of those 44.1 kHz. The “Sample rate” field remains blank.
Has anybody experienced this?

You’re right, I can’t believe this was not reported before. Even if it does not appear, you can select one 44.1 item and it is really selected.

Well, I just checked and can confirm that when the field is blank it means that 44.1 is selected. Looks a bit weird but anyway… Since offline SRC through Process->Resample… will give the same result as using the Crystal plugin, some people might prefer to use it that way till this bug is fixed.

Well, interesting, and yes, I do see this now that I looked. The thing is I don’t use this plugin nor do I see it’s value? The OP refers to having heard good things about the Crystal Resampler - who uses this and what are they trying to do?

Mmh, overhere it’s just okay. All entries only once in the list. WL Elements only then, I guess…

And a follow-up question…
I’m only given an option to resample on High or Ultra when importing to a montage with the different sample rate.
Is there a way to get Ultra quality option when resampling with the Crystal plugin or through Process->Resample…?

Sorry, the quality settings are limited in WaveLab Elements, compared to WaveLab.