Waves 14 Upgrade Released. Any impact on Cubase?

Waves has just released Waves 14 plugin upgrade.

Has anyone been brave enough to complete the upgrade? If so, how are the version 14 plugins working with Cubase Pro 12?

Did not update yet. But checking the release notes it is mostly a graphic improvement it seems, no sonic improvements, there are smaller bug fixes, but very few are related to Cubase (only DBX160, Abbey Road Vinyl and L1). They say their plugins are opening way faster than on V13, but they already load instantly on my computer at least.
Also I am running a 4k 32" screen and don’t have any issues with blurry graphics, or at least they don’t bother me. So I think I won’t update that soon, as my system is rock solid atm.

No issues here I could see. Only opened one project that happens to use the SSL E V2 on every channel along with the bus comp. No difference in performance when I opened it and played it back just now.

No issues here at all.

I just upgraded our two iMacs. No issues here with the latest versions of Cubase Pro, Logic Pro, Luna, Studio One and Pro Tools Studio. The Version 14 plugins do open very faster on our iMacs. I’m not sure if Version 13 plugins required a “metal” compatible video card on Macs or not, but metal compatible video cards are required for Mac computers with Version 14 plugins.

Have they got Quick Controls to work properly within cubase?

I upgraded this morning (on Windows 10, with Cubase Pro 12.0.30). I haven’t noticed any issues, but I’m at the stage of my current project (creating stems, alternate mixes, etc.) where the plugins that were active in the project are just there – i.e. I’m not opening them and tweaking them, nor am I inserting new instances.

That said, I just now tried inserting several plugins from different Waves families, and all inserted and came up with the user interfaces in 10-15 seconds or less, where previously any that had not been opened before (or had a member of the same family of plugins opened before) would have taken over a minute on my system. So that is a decided improvement.

OK, lucky me, I updated all my plugins Dec 2021 so I get the V14 plugin right now for ‘free’. Amazing coincidence because things don’t usually go this way for me.

But a couple of questions. First up, if the plugins are V14, why isn’t Waves Central a V14 version? Then I notice that the Nx plugins don’t seem to have a V14 version. Anybody else notice this?

They said not all plugins are V14 yet. They bring them to the new version step by step.

From Waves website :

Please note: StudioRack, Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro currently remain V13. V14 coming soon.

Those are the only plugins not available in V14 yet.

But the real problem is that one :
We can upgrade the licences to V14, but Waves Central is still V13.1.4, meaning that it is not currently possible to update the plugins and access the new improvements.
To me this looks like the Waves Central release wasn’t ready yet, hence the delay.

So apparently some people in this topic stated (implicitly) that they could update their plugins ? Quite funny because the current Waves Central version is still V13, and no updates for either Waves Central or the Plugins are available yet… Maybe some placebo effect, you just upgrade the licences and feel the difference already ? :joy:
Correct me if I’m wrong, because I really can’t find any way to update the plugins. Even on Waves website, the latest Waves Central version available to download is V13.1.4

That would be funny :smile::

Yes, I was able to upgrade to Version 14 plugins using the.Version 13 Waves Central app.

I followed the link in the email message I received, went through the update process and then authorized the plugins. I was also able to authorize the second computer “free” updated plugins as well.

I did nothing special…just followed the upgrade link.

Ok, so I was expecting the Waves Central to show updates for already installed plugins, but in fact the upgraded V14 ones were shown as not installed, even though the older V13 versions remained installed… I had forgotten that we need to reinstall the plugins when a new version is out. Now everything is in order, I have did some cleanup :smile:

I finally uninstalled all Version 13 and earlier plugins that are now available in Version 14 format.

Well, the Waves service rep told me last night that WC 13.1.4 is V14. And true to his words, all the updated apps (a lot of the compressor plugins have added a parallel comp control and a final gain control) are there. They have a video at Waves explaining what has changed, the GUIs in some plugins and also the VSTis GUIs have improved, as well, etc…

And yep, all the Nx apps are V14. It turns out that 3 of them were not included in my blanket plugin update last December. So they hit me for another $34 and I just rolled over. Eh, all the while telling myself it could have been worse. If only someone made a crystal ball app…

As to the parallel comp controls, they are very useful and, although there is one API comp included, it’s the CLA comps that really got the attention here. I hope there are a lot more improvements in the months ahead.

Updating my plugins to version 14 resulted in the loss of the Preset Broswser (I have to load v14 plugin presets with the old-style menus). The problem is specific to v14; the Preset Browser in v12 and v13 plugins functions normally.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Yep, all my Presets are gone. F-Bomb. :frowning: