Waves 9.2 Plugins not working in Cubase 10

I upgraded from Cubase 9.5 (no problems with Waves 9.2 plugins) to Cubase 10.

When opening the Waves plugin from the Cubase mixing console:

  • the Waves module panel is offset within the pop-up window, so that the plugin controls are only partially visible
  • the plug-in controls do not respond

I’ve uninstalled, then reloaded the plugins - looks like a new Waveshell (ver 10) has been downloaded as well.

Advice/suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you, b

Unless you update all your plugins to v10, you’ll have to install them using an offline installer. It’s a pain but it’s the only way I know of. This may involve renewing licenses and is the frustrating (and expensive side) of being a Waves user IMHO.