WAVES 9 missing

Checking the web, guess I joined to the users-club struggling within the complex triangle built by Waves 9 bundle Cubase and windows .

Re-installations, Copying pasting folders files and deleting the black list in roaming folder doesn’t work at all.

All my Cubase 6,7,7.5,8,8.5,9 software does not recognise Renaissance comps, rereverb, Supertap. Q eqs …All disappeared.

Can someone help me by giving some advise about what to do in order.?


Take care

Hi and welcome,

Please set Plug-in Manager in Cubase to scan the folder, where the WaveShell.dll is placed.

Please, make sure you have installed 64-bit Waves plug-ins, if you are using 64-bit Cubase, or 32-bit Waves plug-ins, if you are using 32-bit Cubase.

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late response.

I guess it doesn’t work. I am locating a Waveshells v9 folder in ProgramFilesX86.(the folder contains 64bit dll. files. No waves folder in ProgramFiles which is for 64 bit software as far as I know.

Erased black list in roaming folder.
I reinstalled all the v9 plugins by running waves central in administrator mode.
Ran the Cubase 9 in administrator mode.
64 bit V9 plugins appears in blacklist section of plugin manager.
A message saying something like ''Reactivation failed Please contact to Vendor" when I try to push reactivate button in plugin manager.

I will try to communicate with complicated support centre of waves also.

Do you have any further advise?

Thank you…


Program Files X86 contain 32-bit plug-ins. This is the reason, why Cubase 9 doesn’t load them.

Where are 64-bit versions installed?


I guess done it. As I sense from your reply, I’ve copied waveshell dll files at user/pc/appdata/wavesaudio to ProgramFiles Steinberg Vstplugins folder.
Now all seems ok. Thank you very much. Please correct or advise further if I miss to do anything else.



But if you copy the files from the X86 folder, then you copy the 32-bits plug-ins, which are not compatible with Cubase 9.

You have to find THE 64-bit plug-ins.


I’ve only copied the 64 bit files. Guess that’s ok?


How do you know, you copied 64-bit files only? Is it written in the name of the file (sorry, I don’t know, how does Waves handle it)?