Waves 9 Plugins blank GUI on Wavelab 6, Nuendo 5 ok (Help)


got a problem with my “older” Studio PC.

all Waves 9 plugins GUI are empty when i use it with wavelab 6. using them on nuendo 5, everything is fine without any GUI problems.

i’ve heard that it might has something to do with graphic card drivers (opengl) but when it works on nuendo the problem should be on wavelab and not the graphic card, shouldn’t it? already got the latest graphic card drivers installed.

ok, i could update wavelab but i won’t do that before i buy a new PC, that’s the reason why i want leave it as it is by now.

does someone know how i could fix that GUI problem with wavelab + waves?

using the following:
Windows 7 64-bit
Nuendo 5 32-bit
Wavelab 6 32-bit
Waves 9 (latest version) 32-bit

many thanks in advance

Maybe of no help, but I solved the same problem with Waves v7, Wavelab 6, Win 7 64, by replacing my ATI card with an Nvidia Gforce. There might have eventually been a workaround for the ATI, but I finally gave up and just got a different card.
Or I’ve seen it suggested that you try reverting to an XDDM driver if you’re using a WDDM driver.

use the latest driver from AMD.com for the videocard

Although this thread is already old (the problem maybe not), I want to reply a solution because I stumbled upon the same problem these days. I am using WaveLab 6 and Waves 9 and got blank GUIs within WaveLab 6 but not within Foobar2000 for example. So, within WaveLab 6 you just have to use XLUTOP Chainer as a step inbetween and load your Waves VSTs within this VST-Chainer. And (maybe) you have to use XLUTOP Shell2VST (once, additionally) to make Chainer recognize the Waves VSTs. Have fun :slight_smile: