Waves (and/or other?) plugins not found

I’ve been on this for several hours today after installing a bunch of Waves plugins and reading that plenty of people have been going through the same issue with solutions that only seem to work for some while not for others.

To set the scene:

  • Windows 10
  • Cubase 10.0.20
  • Ableton Live 10.0.6
  • Reaper, whatever the latest version is
  • Waves plugins, latest version
  • Default install locations C:\Program Files\Vstplugins and C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
  • Yes, all of this software is legit… thanks for asking… :angry:

After many reinstalls of said Waves plugins what I’ve been able to reproduce is that I can create several subfolders in the default install dirs, place the plugins inside those subdirs, and Cubase will see them. The moment those plugins go anywhere outside the default dirs, with those custom dirs being specified in the plugin manager, they just don’t get seen by Cubase. Both Live and Reaper haven’t exhibited this issue, they’ll read all of my plugins as long as I specify where they’re installed. Funny though Cubase has no problem seeing all of my other plugins installed in my custom dir where I tried placing the Waves ones.

I don’t have a solution for this, outside of keeping unseen plugins in the default install dir, but figured this could shed some light for those banging their heads against the wall as to why plugins might not be recognized by Cubase.

Also maybe this could be addressed by Steinberg fingers crossed


What exactly does it mean, the plug-ins are not seen? Are they in the Blacklist? Can you see the plug-ins are scanned?

DId you add the path in the VST Plug-in Manager and rescan?

Don’t know how you installed the plugs, but if you have placed 32 and 64 bit plugs in the same directory, nothing willl work.

I would recommend you to make a separate folder for waves and copy the path into the plugin manager.

As I said, If I move the plugins outside of the default dirs Cubase will just not show them. I see mention of it seeing the waveshells on the splash screen but nowhere to be found once the program is launched. I also did mention that I added my custom plugin dir where it does scan all of my other plugins except for Waves no matter how many times I rescan and restart Cubase. Also no, they’re not blacklisted they simply just don’t seem to exist.

I don’t even have 32 bit plugins installed and I wouldn’t combine the two in the same location. I did try adding the path to the waveshell folder directly in my custom dir then rescanning and restarting Cubase to no avail. I suppose I’ll try messing around more but all of my plugins are scanned no matter where I move them except for Waves and this issue is only present in Cubase for me.