Waves causing Cubase 8.5 to crash... but NOT 10?

Hello all,

Hope everyone is havin a swell day :slight_smile: So I’ve got a weird problem… it’s been going on for quite some time now but it’s mostly been a nuisance, however, now it’s gotten worse with a clean install / upgrade to the latest WAVES version (11 I believe). It has now become a problem. What happens is when I try to boot up 8.5 (which a lot of my projects are still within even though I’ve moved to 10) it crashes right when it’s scanning the Waveshell files. Every time. MANY times. I have to keep trying many times, usually dozens, and finally, painfully, it pushes through to the whole startup and goes into Cubase. At that point, Cubase works like a charm. But, lots of times it can be a good 15-30 minutes to go through this process, and that really is starting to mess up my workflow, particularly when I have clients in.

Interestingly - Cubase 10 boots right up with narry an issue! Plows right through the Waveshells and goes right in every time.

Anyone seem this before? I haven’t reinstalled Cubase 8.5 yet (I’m afraid) but I’ve reinstalled just about everything else including waves. A few times.

By the way, this version of Waves is 100% legal, if you were wondering. All software and plug are legal on this machine, so there should be no reason for anything like that to effect things.

See if my previous post helps you. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=174316
If not, the troubleshooting information may be useful
good luck

Thanks for the tip my friend, but unfortunately this is unrelated. Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

I HATE to keep bumping this… but today it almost took me an hour to simply boot up Cubase. Anyone have any thoughts? It’s super frustrating.

There are a lot of tips in what I wrote. One was about making sure you Verify that elicense and iLok are up to date. Also, any VSTs, Drivers or other software.
In the Solution section, The concept here is that you can’t troubleshoot the problem if you can’t load The Project. I’m assuming that you can launch Cubase, but cannot load a project.
I could be mistaken, but are the Waves vst files?
Even still, you can pull vst files out of their folders. you may get an error, but it might let you continue to load the project.
Once the project loads you can see what is present, and through trial and error, locate the conflict.
Best of luck.

I think you misunderstood the issue. The problem is that I cannot launch CUBASE. The projects all launch fine once I finally do get Cubase to launch. If you go back to my original message, I stated that as soon as the launcher scans the Waveshell files, that’s when the launcher just quits without explanation.

eLicenser and iLok are all 100% up to date. I just verified that today upon reinstalling 8.5. (which by the way, didn’t work)
Waves are 100% up to date. Just purchased a new plug yesterday, so i HAD to update everything (that’s inherent in Waves Central).

The problem here is not any plug in, the problem is what Cubase is doing when it does it’s initial scan of the plugins I have, in this case the Waveshells. And like I said, after many attempts, it actually does boot up into Cubase. I just don’t know why it crashes when it hits the Waveshells (there are a few that it scans). Everything is up to date like I said. 8.5 is a fresh install as of today.

I’ve recorded a video of what I’m talking about. Check it out here:

I was kind of hoping that by the end of the video that it got further into the boot, (which it DOES eventually do…) but it didn’t. Eventually, it will hit the Waveshell 3, then 4, then after 15-20 minutes of battling this, gets to 7, which is the final one. Then usually another few tries, and eventually goes into Cubase completely.

After that, like I said, Cubase works rock solid. Plugs and all!

Another thing to note is, I have this EXACT same installation scenario on my remote machine which is a Dell laptop. THAT one, while it does crash maybe once or twice when launching 8.5, goes into Cubase quickly and without issue usually.

Another thing beyond THAT, is that on both my machines, Cubase 10 boots up perfectly the FIRST time, every time.

Thank you for that video… it’s good to be able to actually see what’s happening.
My first concern is that buzz I’m hearing in the background. Do you know what’s causing that?
Also, have you run chkdsk /f lately? Any time you have a crash, there’s a chance that file structure can become corrupt.
Also, do your machines have a diagnostic section that can check the RAM memory. If so, run it.
Next, put the Waveshell files in a safe folder on your laptop. does CB load every time without fail?
If so, we’re back to finding out what is conflicting with it.
looking forward to your reply…

Thanks for the reply!

-Yeah, the buzz is the result of the video software I was using to make that video. :slight_smile: ignore that.
-I’ll run the chkdsk as soon as I’m on that machine!
-I’ll run that RAM test as well!
-Yes this I’ve tried. Boots up every time without it.

One interesting discovery: If I boot up Cubase 10 and leave it running, and then Cubase 8.5 WHILE ITS RUNNING, it boots up in 2 tries or less.

Also, Let Cubase crash. Then, launch Windows Event Viewer. look in Custom Views/ Administrator Events. Scroll to the time of the crash.
See if there’s any information there that could help you.
Also, check the Windows logs/ Application folder in that same left pane.