Waves Clarity VX Pro problems


Clarity VX Pro starts to drift when i use it in the DOP; boom and lav are out of sync after VX Pro. Anyone having the same problem?

This doesn’t happen every time but it’s still really annoying.

Hi. Did you figure out the problem here? I’m using the standard version and I’m experiencing a problem where it appears Clarity VX needs to “listen” to the audio for a little before I turn the dial and hear a difference. Just as you’ve experienced, sometimes it doesn’t happen. But then when I try to render the audio (since Clarity is hyper CPU intensive) there’s no difference between the rendered and original audio.

usually clicking “apply” for a second time without changing any settings fixes the drift or no process effect for me.

We used it to clean up a lot of dialogue that was almost an hour long per audio clip. Mostly digitized from old tapes. Always in DOP.
That has always worked perfectly. However, we wouldn’t notice if something stretched out in length because we don’t synchronize to a film.