Waves Elements crashing Cubase 7.01 on my system anyone else

Purchased Waves Elements crashing Cubase 7.01 but the error is not producing a crash report, however it is forcing an auto close down of Cubase. I have even tried on a fresh install and luanched Cubase, opened a new project with nothing else loaded on my system and as soon as I select Waves Elements, Cubase hangs and not responds or it simply crashes.

Anyone else experiencing this issue and any solution?

Thanks in advance

Its working fine here, Cubase 7.01 64bit, Windows 7 64bit

Yes it was on mine same setup (Win7 x64 + Cubase 7 x64). Think it has something to do with Novations Automap. Have tried deleting all automap wrapped plugins searching all folders but still not working.

Somethings gone arry :frowning:

Yes running into the same problem… I actually had to find out that it is in fact ELEMENT that is crashing it after removing alls sorts of things step by step. But since its out of the project had no issues anymore. Only work around for me right now is using Vienna Ensemble Pro and running it as VST in there. So far any version I still have installed on my machine would crash shortly after opening the project (Cubase 5, Cubase 6.5, Cubase 7.01, Cubase 7.01 32bit). :unamused:

I resolved it by simply reinstalling and removing the older waveshell files. All good now :slight_smile: