Waves Golds Bundle

Just downloaded the Waves Golds Bundle, how do I open stuff in Cubase??

Enable it at the Plug In manager.

Go to “Devices”-Menu, then -> “Plug-In Manager”. At the bottom of the incoming Window, you can add the path, where your downloaded Plugins are stored on your harddisk. Close Cubase and Restart. Now Cubase will scan all the Plug-Ins, which came new to the selected Plug-In-Paths, in the Running or Booting Process of Cubase. This can take a while, depends on the size of the new-added Plug-Ins, but after that you can use these Plug-ins as Insert- or Send-Effects or even VSTis.

Alternatively You can of course, add these Plug-Ins into one of your current Plug-In Paths, which you have arranged as Main Plug-In Location. Procedure with Booting is the same.

If not already worked here is something what comes along with: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=126&t=105762

Tried that, 0 VSTs found… Help!

Do it again, what i´ve written above and check everything on it´s Accuracy.

Please Note: Don´t scan or rescan in the running Cubase Session within the “Plug-In-Manager”-Dialogue.
Add the right Path and restart Cubase.

When Cubase opens it scans for new plugins in folders you tell it to. Chief plugin folder is C:/program files/Steinberg/ VST plugins/
The primary part of the plugin has a DLL extension

There is an annoying habit of many VSTs installs that, if you accept the defaults, will put your plugin in their own folder, rather trhan where Cubase wants it. I strongly recommend, if you are new to Cubase, you put ALL your plugins there, with this warning, sometimes (Native Instruments plugins especially) plugins don’t like to be moved. If you have stuff all over your machine, take some care.
As is said above, the dll file needs to be somewhere where Cubase is looking.

Go to Devices/Plugin manager and open the pane at the bottom - make sure the route to your plugin .ddl is there.

Once your up and running, if you want to re-organise the way plugins are presented to you, you can create custom folder organisations (which don’t actually move stuff, but just rearrange it for your eyes) for working on a day to day basis


Thanks guys, Have tried all this but to no avail. I keep getting a pop-up saying…

No valid Waves licenses found.

  • To obtain licenses please run Waves Central, then click ‘Rescan Licences’.
  • If you have a USB flash drive containing your license[s], make sure it is connected, then click ‘Rescan Licenses’.
  • To continue without Waves plug-ins, click ‘Skip’.

    Licenses have been sent from cloud to Windows, what am I doing wrong? Driving me mental!!

I know a few guys are having trouble with Waves products, but tbh, I did not take notice as I don’t own their stuff. Do a search?

So the plugs are found, but you have no license… you need to request a demo license, or buy the product.

I bought the Gold Bundle. I own the product, and I can see it when I log into waves central. I moved the licences from the cloud to Windows. Surely it is good to go?

That’s strange? Did you contact Waves support?

If you have a spare memory stick and a spare usb slot try moving the licences to the stick and see what happens.
Make sure it is the only USB stick connected or you know how to identify it.

Where are your Licenses exactly stored under your Windows-System?

Seems OK now, I copied the plug-ins files in with the Steinberg VSTs, and deleted and re-installed Waves Central. One of them has done the trick!