waves gui is empty

Running 32 bit version of C6.5.1 under 64 bit W7, when I access the gui for a waves plug-in, I get an empty box.

I did a quick search here - didn’t see anything specific. Looking at waves support, it says to disable hyper-threading, but that has already been done. Any other ideas?

I have had this (Cubase 6.06 on Win XP 32-bit), also sometimes the Waves GUI is just random pixels, but I have found either closing the window down and opening it again cures it, or even just moving the window does it.

I’ve read that with Waves v9, the GUI is manage by the GPU graphic card to reduce CPU ressource comsumption. So graphic driver have to be as much up to date as possible.

Yes, Waves V9 is a bit of a sore point at the moment, as it is 64-bit only, and my Cubase PC is still running 32-bit.

Once I can find a motherboard that supports the new Ivy Bridge processors - I will go 64-bit, and then I can proove if the GUI issue has gone. I suspect that it will be cured if Waves seen the need to rewrite the way in which the GUI is drawn.

Andy…I don’t know where to start! :open_mouth: First of all, Waves V9 supports BOTH 64bit and 32bit versions of Win 7 and Cubase 6.x.x!!! :bulb:

Many people have reported similar problems in the past (including me) related to blank plugin GUI’s. Waves has issued a report on their knowledge base that indicate it is related to a lack of usable memory, which has always been a limitation of 32bit Windows, and possibly your video card driver ( openGL related).

I would do a Google search “blank GUI using Waves” you will get many hits… and also search the Waves knowledge base to find the answers you are looking for. :nerd:


Couldn’t find anything on either forum, so I just shut down C6, whereupon W7 BS’d for me.
On restart, waves was working normally. No problems since then.

Ah yes, it’s my Windows XP that Waves 9 doesn’t like, I knew there was some brick wall in the way for me to move to V9.

Sorry if I missed something, but I have not read the entire thread.

This happens with some 32 bit plugs in a 32 bit host in a 64 bit OS - regardless of what you do with either the host and/or the OS.

My advice is use jBridge.

Secondly why would you be running a 32 bit host in a 64 bit OS? Why not run the 64 bit vers of Cubase? Use jBridge for any plugs that won’t load. It’s cheap, and runs great; have had no problems with it here. And the support is great.

Also, you are aware that Waves is now 64 bit, yes?



I have a similar problem with Win7 64-bit, Cubase 6.0.7 32&64-bit, and Waves v9.2 VST3 64-bit
and reconstructed it as follows:

  • Open a new, empty project
  • Add a track with 4 waves plugins as inserts (workes fine on my pc)
  • Duplicate this track 8 times
  • Open the last track you created and open the last insert
  • The GUI is empty!

Could it be the plugin count? Did anyone else try to open a project with more than 63 waves plugins?


FYI I have the blank gui in Pro Tools and Pyramix. Waves eventually told me that the issue was video driver related (2x ATI Radeon HD5450, drivers all up to date) - I suspect in my case it’s 32 bit apps. They did say they were working on an update. Cubase and Sonar 64 bit are both fine.

I solved the emtpy GUI problem for my system - it was the graphics card.

My old Matrox P690 dual head only had 256Mb of RAM, and that was causing problems with the Waves plug in’s, so I bought a new Radeon 6800 (1Gb RAM), and now everything is OK.