Waves IR Reverb and H-reverb

Good day,

In Wavelab El. 8 and 9 (and updater) Waves IR Reverb and H-reverb version 9 do not show up.
But other ones like Waves Morphoder and GEQ do show up.
All in 64 bit.

Who can help me out, please?

Do you mean that the plugins do not show up in the plugin list when you try to insert plugins, you can’t see those plugis in the plugin manager located in the WaveLab preferences area? Or both?

There is a chance that the plugins could be turned off in the preferences area but if you don’t even see them in that area, then it sounds like a plugin scanning problem.

Waves recently supported WaveLab 9 officially for Mac. Do you have the latest build installed?

Are you on a Mac or PC?

Hi Justin, thank you for replying.

I’m on PC and they are missing in both area’s.
But now I think it’s a license managing problem. I just saw in the Waves Central that exactly these two plugins do not show up in the list of Local C licenses in the Local Licenses window.

Now I’m getting support from Waves, so I hope they can solved the problem.

Yes, problem solved partly.
Because I copied the two licenses to a USB stick and now they do show up in the USB drive in the Local Licenses window and also they work fine in Wavelab El.
But Local C still have the same problem.