Waves IR1 convolution reverb processes IR sweep wrong

Hi all,

I am trying to make an IR of one of my Mono guitar pedals. The hardware is all set up, the guitar pedal is on, the impulse plays through the pedal, levels are good etc. I recorded the same length as the convolution sweep (15 seconds of the sweep plus 10 of silence) and it is there too. The resulting audio sounds properly effected by the pedal.

The issue is, how to then make the IR import and process properly in IR1?

I tried importing with each of the options, and none give me the sound of the pedal AT ALL.
Importing the response as a IR obviously was not the right thing. Importing the resulting wav file as a “sweep response” gives me a different wave file, but not at all what the pedal sounds like. Like, nothing like it at all. Since it is Mono, it only asked for one file.

So, what am I doing wrong? Or is this sweep the wrong thing to use for guitar pedals? It is a reverb pedal.

Recording at 24 bit 96k.

Thanks for your assistance.

PS I posted this on the Waves forum as well, to see if anyone knows what is what over there.

Screenshots of the resulting IR in a reply below.

I captured the same exact IR under Nuendo 12, and under Pro Tools 2022.12, and the Waves IR1 process behaved very differently.

Under Nuendo, it seems to start the IR, then start it again, as if there were two waveforms, and it does not sound correct. In Pro Tools, this did not happen, and it sounds as it should.

I wonder if this is a function of the VST format, or something in Nuendo 12 that is not working properly. A weird buffer thing maybe?
First screen, Nuendo, wrong IR process, second in Pro Tools.