Waves Kramer Tape/PIE GUI issue exclusive to Wavelab


Today I just noticed an issue with the Waves Kramer Tape and Kramer Pie GUI, very similar to the Ozone 5 GUI issue that somehow I only seem to have. The bigger problem is that I can’t fold and unfold the window to get the GUI to appear like I can with Ozone 5. The issue happens in both shared plugin and normal window mode.

I’m running 8.0.2 on Mac OSX 10.8.4 on Mac Pro 2.8 GHz Quad Intel Xeon


64-bit mode

Waveshell version 9.2.70 VST & VST-3
Version build 5848. This is for the REQ since I can’t see the version of Kramer Tape without the GUI.

It’s the latest install from Waves. I don’t have time to test all Waves plugins but the Kramer plugins I have seem to have the issue.

This makes me wonder if the issue is more of a Wavelab issue. I’m using a pretty solid Mac Pro and the 27" LED Cinema Display from Apple, so it shouldn’t be anything too strange.

FWIW … I have had trouble with Waves plugins now for a couple of versions. The issue you describe is typical. I doubt very much it’s a WL issue.

Waves support are very, very helpful. So, I’d start there if the combination you are running falls within their supported configurations.

It all got so time consuming trying to address the issues that I just gave it away. This was no reflection on the Waves people or the plugins. More an indictment of my lack of patience for this sort of thing. I didn’t bother installing the plugs … I only used one regularly anyway (a Kramer plugin) … on the (new) computer in my room.

Good luck!

Thanks. The thing is, I don’t really care about the Waves Kramer not working in Wavelab 8, I rarely use those in Wavelab. The Waves plugins I usually use in Wavelab work pretty well for the most part.

At first in WL8, some Waves plugin GUI were stretched out wider than usual in the GUI, so the actually buttons were not where they appeared to be, which made some Waves hard to use. PG seems to have fixed that in 8.0.2. Sometimes the menu bar is wider than the Waves plugin in shared window version, so it looks weird and creates a weird clear box to the right, but I can live with that.

My main reason for posting this issue is to help resolve my issue with Ozone 5 which I use on every session. It has a very similar GUI issue, where at first it appears clear, until I fold and unfold the window. It’s getting annoying to do this all the time everyday.

iZotope can’t figure it out. PG can’t figure it out. It only happens on the Mac Pro but not MacBook Pro running the same software versions.

Waves V9 still doesn’t list Wavelab 8 as a supported host, but I will get in touch anyway to check progress.

It’s hard to just keep waiting for the next updates from everybody, only to find that the problem is the same, or something new occurs. For me, the issue probably won’t be resolved until I upgrade my Mac Pro to the new version or an iMac in the future.

Can anybody else using a Mac Pro confirm that they DON’T have any GUI issues with Ozone 5 and Waves Kramer Tape or Pie when using the shared plugin window and changing between plugins?

Of the two computers I mainly use, the Mac Pro has the issue always, and the MacBook Pro seems OK. Although I use the laptop much less, quick tests of the GUI seem ok.