Waves L2 behaving differently on different systems

Hey guys,

I recently upgraded my whole setup, from an old Macbook G4 running Pro Tools LE & an Mbox to a full blown Mac Pro running Cubase 6 through my old M Audio Mobile Pre. I can’t use the Mbox on my new mac, because the Digidesign software just takes over everything and causes chaos on my system. I did it once, it was a nightmare and I had to delete all trace of it.

On my old G4/Pro Tools set up, I used to master everything through a Waves L2 limiter. I could get a great final level without any noticeable clipping or distortion.
When I use the L2 in Cubase on my Mac Pro though, even when mastering the exact same track with the exact same settings on the L2, I get terrible distortion. I am wondering if this might have something to do with the Mobile Pre.

Is it possible that the audio interface could be causing me this problem? I’m tempted to go out and buy something newer and up to date (though I am on a very, very tight budget) but I thought I’d ask around first and see if I could get to the bottom of the problem before dishing out the cash.


Is the clipping present on the Cubase output? (Does the red light light up?) Or do you just hear it from your speakers?

Hi Strophoid,

No, it’s peaking at 0db - there’s no clipping in the Cubase output or anywhere else in the signal chain. And like i said, when I reduce the threshold in the L2 limiter by exactly the same amount on my other system, there is no clipping/distortion at all.

Problem solved!

I was monitoring through the STUDIO section of VST connections instead of OUTPUTS.