Waves Nx Head Tracker for Ambisonics?

Hey folks,

Waves has this little bluetooth head tracker that can be attached to headphones and track the head movement:


In conjunction with the GoPro VR Player this could be a really nice way to work on Ambisonics material (360 Video) without the need for a dedicated VR headset. Unfortunately the head tracker can’t be set as a tracking source from the head tracking plugin.

Is there a way to make this work with Nuendo?

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Does it help?

Looks good. I wonder if I wasted my money on the Immerse thing now. LOL.

I do have “something NX” from Waves, just not sure if it is the whole suite, or what. Will check it out.

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Unfortunately not. I don’t want to use the NX software suite, as it doesn’t sync with the video player and Nuendo has already a built in Ambisonics decoder.

I just want to use the NX hardware head tracker to measure the head movement instead of using a VR headset. Under “Project → Head Tracking” a tracking device can be selected and I was wondering of it’s somehow possible to use the NX head tracker for that.

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I only see ability for a “GoPro VR Player” so I am not sure the Waves thing will work with Nuendo. But, how does the professor do it in his video?

The video has nothing to do with what I’m trying to achieve, so don’t get confused by it.

They guy in the video just wants to monitor Dolby Atmos through headphones. I on the other hand want to use the NX headtracker (the hardware not the software) to track my head movement for 360 video and Ambisonics productions within Nuendo.

So just ignore the video.

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Any updates on this? I’m keen. There are other devices you can clip onto headphones. When is Steinberg going to give us options?

How about this one?

Nope! I do NOT want to use the NX software suite, as it does NOT sync with the VR video player and Nuendo already has a built in Ambisonics Decoder.

All I want is to use a 3rd party head tracker like the HC-06 or the Waves NX as a tracking input (Project → Head Tracking → Tracking Source) instead of a VR headset to work with the built in Ambisonics tools in Nuendo.


While I don’t recommend Waves NX as a substitute for proper monitoring, using a VR system to check audio for VR makes a lot of sense. I’m just commenting so I’m notified in case anyone posts any recommendations I should be looking into buying for mixing VR game/video audio. we’re not exactly overwhelmed by VR work but we prefer to be ahead of the curve so we’re not rushing out to buy something last minute when a client comes in.

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It’s absolutely astonishing as no one of you gets it. So I’ll explain it once more:

It is NOT, I repeat NOT, about the NX Software Suite for monitoring. It’s about the NX hardware Headtracker that will be clipped to your headphones and tracks your head movement.

I want to select a 3rd party bluetooth head tracker like the NX or HC-06 as a tracking input (Project → Head Tracking → Tracking Source) instead of a VR headset.

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Apparently you can hack the signals of the Waves Headtracker so that you can use them via OSC in Nuendo. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about this rumour yet. Hearing this, I thought it would be easier to DIY a sensor. When I have time, I will give this a try.

fyi, it seems like there is still something to be done