Waves on Cubase 64bit

Hey guys,

is anybody working with Waves in C6 64bit?
How does it work? Is there any problems or do U reccomend it?

Also is there any info when finally Waves release native 64bit version of Mercury bundle?

Thanx in advance…:wink:

You have to use Jbridge. Otherwise doesn’t work at all.

I don’t regularly use CB64, precisely because Waves and UAD (among others) are so egregiously lagging on 64 bit native code. Personally, I don’t expect updates. It doesn’t seem to be a priority for either company. Frankly, I think you should consider taking your plugin cash elsewhere, to a more responsive company.

I spoke with tech support from Waves and they are working on it. It is a very long and tedious process. There’s a lot of code in there. Anyway, Waves is all about quality and stability. They told me they are not rushing it just to get it out there and when it’s done, it will be released.


UA have also stated full 64 bit (the drivers already are) is on it’s way. They haven’t said when exactly.


thanx guys,

I dont wanna spam my system with any bridge, so I guess I´ll have 2 wait or try something different.

Im looking mainly 4 “fat sound” compressors/limiters and high quality SSL console emulations.
I heard that Slate digital make some good stuffs, but they are 32bit only aswell. :open_mouth:

So if U have any ideas, feel free 2 post them, I really appreciate that…