Waves Plug-in - Can't find in Cubase 6.5

I just purchased my first Waves plug-in (Kramer Master Tape) - I installed Waves License Center V9 - after opening a project in Cubase I can’t find my waves plug in.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe my install locations were incorrect.
The 'WaveShell-VST9.1.dll" file is in my “Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Cubase 6/VSTPlugins” folder

The KramerTape.dll is in "Program Files (x86)/Waves/Plug-ins/kramertape.bundle/contents/win32.
There are quite a number of folders and files in the Waves folder that was installed in the Program Files (x86)/Waves folder

I paid attention while installing WLC V9. It seemed like the paths were correct (application folder - vst plugins folder)

Any help would be appreciated - there’s not that much in the way of help on the Waves site.


Let me put this in a simpler way.
When I installed the waves license center (wlc) there are basically three steps:

  1. Select the plug in I want to install (Kramer master tape)
  2. Install wlc (the default location is program files(86)/waves)
  3. Install the waves shell - the default location is Steinberg/vst plugins

I don’t have a Steinberg/vst plugins folder. I’m assuming they want the vst folder that I use (Steinberg/cubase 6/vst plugins). So I change the default to my vst plugins folder

Once the installation is complete I open a project in cubase but the plug in doesn’t show up anywhere. I can’t find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Did you get this solved?

Josh, I bought Waves plugins for the first time this week, just like you (Kramer tape, Bass Rider and H-EQ). But everything is fine here. I’m running waves V9 and Cubase 6.5 too.

I think the problem is your license. Did you forgot to move Waves licenses from Cloud to your HD (or USB flash drive)? The plugins only show up after license transfer.

Thanks for the info. I figured out the solution via Waves Tech Support.
In cubase I had to go into Devices/Plug-in information and then click “Update”. After that Cubase found them.

if you use the VST3 version Kramer tape is classed in “distortion” in your vst plugin menu !

I’m trying to get pod farm 2 to work in cubase 7. I went to device/plug-in information and plugged in podfarm vst into path and clicked update. It shows up in plug-in information but when I try to add instrument track it doesn’t show pod farm in my vst. Any help would be appreciated

thank you!