Waves plug-in routing on mono-channels that were split from stereo

I’m working on a session that contains about 60 tracks. The audio files came as exports from Logic, and as it happens most of the time with that program, these exports were stereo files although they supply mono content (or at least just power-panned mono).

No problem in Nuendo, you would think, and in principle splitting these senseless stereo tracks to mono works quite well indeed.


In case of those channels who were derived from the right channel (due to the burnt-in panning), I can’t use Waves v12 mono plug-ins: The plug-in routing insists that the new, split mono-channels are right channels, which aren’t processed by Waves as their mono-components expect to see Left, or mono, apparently.


… is there a straight-forward way to reset a Nuendo Channel’s (presumably) internal channel ID to “Mono” instead of “Right” …?


I usually:
Make copy of what I am going to mix, all audio files etc.

When splitting fake Stereo tracks and having this issue, I render new copies of the mono tracks, and rename them. That seems to work here. Especially if any tracks have that “.l and .r” extension on their names. Example:

“Guitar 1.r.wav”

Thanks! I’m aware of that procedure, but that would still mean to re-work the whole session. For obvious reasons I want to keep the already set-up and routed project and simply make Nuendo aware of the fact that there are mono-tracks, not “right” tracks.

This is where A.I. will be so useful.