Waves plug ins take a very long time to load


Nuendo newb here - just switched from PT and getting my bearings. Seems that Waves plugs take a really long time to load. Much longer than all my other plug ins. Rverb, for instance, just took about 15 - 20 seconds to load on a small project with about 4 tracks and 3 other (non-waves) plug ins.

Should the waves plug ins be installed in a different location? Is it possible nuendo is trying to load up a 32 bit version of the waves plugs? (running 64 bit version of Nuendo.) Something else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which version of Waves are you running? When you say 32bit, then it must be an old version, no?
And how is the bundle protected? Through -old- iLok, USB or on the computer HD?


I’m on the latest version of waves protected through my computer HD. I was just grasping at straws that perhaps Nuendo was trying to bridge a 32 bit version of the plug ins to the 64 bit version of the DAW. The latest version of Waves is probably all 64 bit, so most likely not my problem…