Waves Plug-ins

I’m using Cubase 13.0.20. Mac OS 14.2.1. M1 Max Mac studio. I chose a waves plugin (one knob driver). It appears in the insert list but is greyed out. It does not affect sound. I cannot change any setting. Also, I cannot DELETE the plugin. I thought the plugin may have been the problem but after trying different WAVES plugins on different tracks… it seems to be all WAVES plugins are affected. I left Cubase and went to Ableton which uses VST3, it allowed the installation of VST onto a track and affected the sound, so the same WAVES plugin is functional in another DAW.

Is there a way to force the deletion of a VST from an insert slot? Cubase will not let me choose a different VST. It is like it has locked itself into place and I am powerless to do anything about it. I do not have such a strong love affair with WAVES that I cannot use other tools. I just need to delete the instances in my project. Granted: I could leave it alone also since it allows sound to pass through.

I have reinstalled Waves, the Waves central, made sure that the license is not on the cloud. But since it works in another daw… How can I clean out the slot?

Does Waves support VST3 and Apple silicon?
It does not disappear if you delete it from Userhdd/audio/Plugins/VST2 and VST3?

I will try… I’m in the middle of another reinstall… Oh how I hate waves

by deleting OneKnob Driver from APPLICATIONS > Waves > Plugins V14 … Cubase gave me an error… but once in, I was allowed to delete the plugin (no effect) or change the plugin.

Thank you.

They’ve been VST3 and AS native since at least V13. But nowhere do they list them working in C13, only C12… Haven’t opened an old project that uses any of them in awhile, but they all pass and show up in the list at least here. I only keep them installed so when I open an old project that uses them I can replace them with UAD and Softube stuff now…

no, from your hard drive the .vst. macHdd/audio/plugins
just delete them there, that’s how you do it on MacOs.

but anyways you can just start a new project, waves sucks anyway. they killed them self with the sub thingy.

There’s a lot of hate on Waves, and I’ve been part of the “Waves sucks” brigade on and off for many years. I have had a mostly poor relationship with them, but they have saved my rear end many times too.

Some of their plugins are excellent, though, especially recently. But yeah, after the subscription disaster I completely gave up on them like many other people… but eventually as you know they finally reversed course (in the sense they didn’t force a subscription), which in all fairness, I feel they deserve a little respect for doing that. One hopes they learned their lesson well and I hope we never see that kind of thing from them again.

Anyway, I stayed away from them for a while but I got sucked in on a client project using Waves Clarity Vx Pro and Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro, and I have to say, I got some great results from them. I also own RX 10 Advanced, Acon Digital’s excellent stuff, and others, but sometimes the Waves stuff punches the ticket just right, so I’m trying to be pragmatic about them these days.

I have had no issues with Waves and C13 so far, but I don’t have an active project with a bunch of their stuff right now. I’ll pull up some more plugins next time I can and report if something weird happens.

Anyway good luck with this to the OP, please update if you get a chance.