Waves plugin Question

Hi, How can I get Cubase to STOP searching for Waves plugins folder? Thnx:)

Uninstall Waves? Reinstall Waves?

You must have some Waves V8 demos that have expired? Yeah, like fizbin said, take Waves out of the equation. Your ilok key will have the demo remains, but if the Waves installer is removed it won’t be working to find them. I also think that there is a way to remove the old demos from your ilok, but check this method out with Waves.

Or Reinstall Waves then Uninstall Waves, if you want rid of them.

It’s the WaveShell-VST 9.0.dll that you need to get rid off, and any older versions that may be around too (like WaveShell-VST 8.0.dll), as if this file remains, even though the plug in’s have gone, may still cause Cubase to search.

If you have moved this file at some point, the uninstall may not find it to remove it.

Hi, and thnx to all for your responses…But…when I start up cubase6, it keeps asking to find an old waves 7.1 vst3 plugin, and until I say cancel, cubase just waits for my response…forever! I’ve try removing and deleting all the files that are associated with a “waves7.1” name in it…but it still keeps asking:(
My question is: Is there a way to tell Cubase NOT TO LOOK FOR that 7.1vst plugin? BTW, I’m on a Mac OSX.

Thanks to all for trying to help:)

The short answer is ‘no’. Cubase is set up to search for this. When it finds that V7 installer it will look for the plugin associated with it.

I have the same problem.

Where/what is the file that makes cubase think there is a V7 installed? If someone can point it out maybe its just a matter of deleting an old leftover file that ramained after the waves were updated

In XP is one place, in Win7 it’s another. If you’ve moved up to 64 bit OS, the V7 and V8 installers will be in the x86 folder. Do some searching. Just remember that you only need the V9 installer (and your plugins), everything else is double speak. Delete the V7 or V8 installers and Cubase won’t find them. Remember, if you are super frustrated here, put all your current licenses in the Waves Cloud and start deleting any Waves file or folder you can find, come back and reinstall the V9 installer, check off your paid for plugins and reinstall them. You can always check your progress as you go along by opening Cubase, of course.

Also, if you’ve downloaded some demos from Waves using V9 and they have expired, simply do a reinstall/repair of/with the V9 Woli installer and uncheck the demos. Cubase won’t find them anymore.

I should also add that the plugins themselves will be in the Window x86 folder. This is just the way it is, even of they are 64 bit. They are pretty obvious and hard to miss. And if you delete them, they will just be reloaded when you reinstall the V9 installer, not a problem, but make sure you put your licenses up in the Cloud!

The thing to remember is that it’s the installers that you are looking for. They talk to Cubase, the plugins do not.

If you’re on a PC then direct your DAW to C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Plug-Ins V9. Note: You need to be inside the folder “Plug-Ins V9” when clicking select, not just selecting the folder “Plug-Ins V9”. Odd, but that’s how it works.

Thanks Are !

Waves has created Waves Central in late November or early December. This is a completely different installer that creates different storage folders so this post and the answers posted here are no longer valid. My advice is to upload your plugins to the cloud, completely remove all Wave folders, install Waves Central and then download your plugins from scratch. I use a flash drive to store my keys but these can be stored on your computer, as well. Cubase and Wavelab recognize Waves without a hitch.

Try this solution, it might work :