Waves plugins and AI knob support (CC121)

I Know there is a specific forum section for the CC121, but I choose to post here because this group is somehow more crowded.

The CC121 has the AI Know which could control any parameter when hoovering with your mouse over it. Saddly waves plugins do not react.

Since a few weeks I got the Audient ID14 and it’s ID know does the same thing and works.
Anybody got the same issue with the CC121?

I wondered why it has been so long without fixing this?
I recently contacted Waves and today I remembered Steinberg about this.
I recall that some 3 years ago I did mentioned it to Steinberg, they answered that waves wasn’t VST3 complaint and didn’t support mouse wheel support.

In contact with waves I was assured that nowadays waves plugs support mousewheel support and are fully VST3 complaint.

So who has to kick the ball now?