WAVES plugins and Nuendo

Thinking about purchasing a WAVES bundle and would like to hear how WAVES users are faring with their effects processors.

A couple of questions. Did you have issues with their plugins when upgrading to newer versions of Nuendo? Windows users, how have WAVES plugins been behaving between different versions of Windows?

I have been fully apprised of the WUP or Waves Update Program so I do not need to be schooled on this.

I am running the 64 bit version of Nuendo on Windows 7. Thanks for your input.


Waves Gold in three rooms here, no problems and I’m quite a fan of their licensing/authorization thru the Waves Central program, would love if Steinberg adopted something like that! I don’t use the WUP, haven’t seen a need for that system; just strikes me as extra money in their pocket with no benefit to the consumer, YMMV. john.

Started with the Diamond bundle on an XP system.
Worked great for 7 years.
I did not keep a current WUP, we decided that the benefits were minimal.
PC blew up had to rebuild with Win-7.
Which meant we had to upgrade Nuendo and all plugins.
We paid a minimal fee (a few hundred dollars) to get a current WUP
which allowed us to upgrade from Waves V5 to V9.

We have been operating with no issues for another 3-5 years.

Throughout the years the customer service has been great. And they have been willing to help without a current WUP.

The only thing I could say is look at the bundles to pick the one that has stuff you will really use. I would say I only use maybe 20 of the plugins from the diamond bundle, the rest while good, just don’t get used much.


I’ve been Using Waves since Nuendo 4, never had any problems. the only plug -in that is a bit odd is the L316. it works really well but is a pig when it comes to using CPU power.


Helpful and informative replies. Thanks everyone!